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The Sunshine Award: Thanks for Noticing Me

It gives me great pleasure to announce that Kathleen Patel from An Irish Patel has presented me with the Sunshine Award. I am honored. Those that know me personally, consider me more the Eeyore type, so I’m gonna wear this badge proudly. 😉

As a recipient for the Sunshine Award, I have to answer the following questions:

Favorite number: 24 (has to do with Arkansas Razorback basketball, U.S. Reed and a half-court shot)
Favorite Non-alcoholic drink: Lemon Berry Slush from Sonic
Facebook or Twitter: Depends on my mood. LOL
My Passion: Creativity
Favorite pattern: I have never thought about this before and it stumped me for a long while. I like plaid. Yes, I realize it is basic and boring, but I prefer it to other patterns. Especially when my favorite colors are used.
Favorite Day of the Week: They are all pretty much the same to me.
Favorite Flower: Russian Sage (I also like Monkshood)

Now I must nominate 10 fellow bloggers to be the next Sunshine recipients. Here they are in no particular order:

  1. Chatty Girl Book Reviews
  2. The Cheap Reader
  3. Adopting James
  4. Women’s Fiction Writers
  5. Life in a Notebook
  6. Jo-Ann Carson
  7. Writing Sisters
  8. Cresta McGowan
  9. Moody Writing
  10. Writerly Life

It’s so tough choosing folks to nominate because I know so many that deserve it. It took me a while to whittle it down to ten, so take a few minutes and visit each of them. You’ll be glad you did.

Now, those I’ve nominated must find 10 deserving candidates and award them with this glorious ‘Sunshine Award’.


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